Conscious Birthing on Zoom

What is Conscious Birthing ?

Due in June – July 2022? 

When: Mondays  •  May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13    •  5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Where: in your home via Zoom

What: Heart-forward, holistic preparation for *ANYTHING* that might arise in birth and early parenting. You will feel more confident and more connected to yourself AND your beloved.

Cost: $275/couple

Scholarships, Equity Discount*, and Payment Plans available by request, email me

*All people should have equal access to childbirth resources. To address disparities in healthcare, groups affected by those disparities including, but not limited to folks who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those who are impacted by poverty are welcome to a discount on Conscious Birthing Austin classes. 




What is Conscious Birthing ?

Mothers Unfolding on Zoom


Mothers Unfolding on Zoom!

a  virtual mother baby support group for 0-6 months

What a strange time we’re living! And, babies are still being born and people are becoming parents, navigating the topsy turvy ride of newborn land. It’s a roller coaster ride, EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!

I’m here to help!

Let’s gather up on Zoom into this comfy container of weekly practices and topics designed to elevate your heart and soothe your weary soul. Our exploration together will help you discover new ways of coping with all the unknowns!

This session is limited to 6 participants with babies under 6 months.

What you’ll get:
– Weekly 2 hour sessions with me and everyone in your cohort from the comfort of your own home

– Plenty of time in each session to ask your burning questions about your baby or your postpartum healing, both physical and emotional.

– Weekly topics that will elevate your mood, help you expand your thinking and dreaming, give you some stability to your wobbly moments.

– Unlimited access to me (experienced mother for 14 years and doula for 25!) via text or email, in between our scheduled Zooms

– Weekly email summary of what was shared in each call (so you don’t have to scramble to jot down notes)

– Lighter feeling after each session! Guaranteed! You’ll see that you are not alone! You will feel reassured and immense relief!

About me: I’m a mother of two and doula with over 25 years experience, an expert comfort-giver! I help families navigate the unknowns of labor, birth and early parenting with more ease and love.

Mothers Unfolding started in 2007 as the first mother-to-mother support group of its kind in Austin, providing community, wisdom, support, education, guidance and tips for new mothers and their babies.


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