Feather Your Postpartum Nest


An experiential and delicious retreat,

focused on preparing for postpartum in holistic and

practical ways, before your baby arrives.





Three experienced mothers and professionals in childbearing and early parenting are offering a one day retreat for the pregnant person who is eager to start feathering their postpartum nest. We believe that prenatal preparation for postpartum is an essential step for inviting parents to step into their new role. Thoughtful guidance is necessary because information and advice about what is needed when the baby is here is abundant – how does one know who and what to trust? With more than 50 years of combined experience between us, we will lovingly help you adjust expectations and implement our practical ideas for making the transition as smooth and peaceful as possible!


Who you are: A pregnant person in any stage of pregnancy (first-time or experienced welcome!)

What you get:

  • Gourmet breakfast AND lunch plus a sampling of delicious and nourishing snacks throughout the day
  • Heartfelt guidance on exploring the inner and outer terrain of postpartum life
  • Holistic understanding of the Fourth Trimester (early days -> first 3 months)
  • How to embrace inevitable challenges and a list of helpful resources in our community
  • Movement & yoga to restore balance in postpartum mind, body, soul
  • Recipes and ingredient guide for making milk, physical recovery and restoring balance
  • Nursing basket – with a few locally-sourced goodies to get you started on feathering your nest
  • Information and resources about attachment, bonding, nervous system regulation, and early childhood development
  • Confidence, love, and lots of easy-to-implement ideas!


Where: a beautiful, private home: 7912 Appomattox Drive, Austin 78745

How much: $300

When: Saturday January 27, 2018    •     9am – 5pm

Register Here 


Lanell, doula and childbirth educator has been compassionately ferrying parents across the unknown waters of birth and new parenting since 1995. She’s the mom of two boys, ages 10 and 2.   lanellcoultas.com




Marcela has supported secure attachment for families with newborns since 1997. She wishes to bring fulfillment, meaning, and joy to everyone she works with and is excited to be adding counseling services to her list of offerings this winter. She is the mom to a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.



Raini is a postpartum doula and doula educator for Doula Trainings International. She believes in the power of honoring the postpartum experience as sacred time to heal and bond with baby. She is a mom to an 11 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.  pinkmoondoula.com





The Fine Print: Your spot is fully reserved with your payment. Cash, checks, cards, PayPal  & Venmo (@lanellcoultas).  Checks can be mailed to: Lanell Coultas, 1401 Ridgehaven Drive, Austin 78723. This one-day retreat is for the birthing individual only. We are not able to give refunds. More Questions? Email Lanell



MotherBaby photos by Nora Frank Cisneros • beside-the-well.com