What others say about Conscious Birthing


I  wanted to thank you for such a wonderful class. So much of what you imparted has come true in the past 6 weeks- almost everyday I have a Lanell moment where I recognize something you said – now playing out before me. Somehow even all these new experiences feel familiar because you prepared me for them. It’s like the sign of a great haircut that still looks good months after you got it- your class is still strong in my mind.
Ashley & Adam, parents







I’ve had some time now to process everything from your birthing classes, and I wanted to express my deepest thanks! Now I can see why my doula and midwife feel that your class is the best out there. Of course I have nothing to compare it to, but I have a good hunch that yours was top notch.
Every night after your class my husband and I had a new reason why your class felt relevant to us. I particularly appreciated your references to animals and nature. We both appreciated that the class had just enough hippy-dippy stuff to make us think, with plenty of practical information to grab onto. We also enjoyed your presentation style. You were calm and easy to trust. I think you are skilled at making the class relevant for both a woman birthing at home or at the hospital.
We’ve heard that some hospital birthing classes utilize graphic videos and stories as teaching tools. We learned from your class that such videos and stories are unnecessary when the person teaching the class has enough real life insight to share.  In the end we walked away truly appreciating the wonder, amazement, and diversity of birth.  So thank you for helping us understand the bigger picture. I feel that your class has given me the mindset I will need to endure my homebirth. Even though it’s going to hurt like hell, I’m actually looking forward to my big, labyrinthine adventure!
Tracy & Arvind, parents



Thank you for a wonderful series of childbirth classes. The six weeks really flew by, I can’t believe we’re done. We learned so much and really liked the class format and curriculum, and you are a great teacher. Many thanks for being such a helpful resource.    Kate & Michael, parents


Lanell- thank you for bringing us all together and giving us the resources to help with our transition into parenthood! You are AWESOME!!!    Nicole & Fritz, parents


Just so you know…you were so much more a part of our experience than you probably will ever realize!!  I still speak to people all the time about how fond my memories are of our birth preparation.  My labor is a story I will always cherish and we would have had a very different experience without your guidance.    Kimberly & Bill, parents



Your students did a fantastic job of being present, active participants of their experience. I just want to thank you for your gifted teaching. For the spiritual cesarean part of your class, especially. It is such a blessing to serve clients who have taken your series and absorbed it. I hope your students realize how lucky they are.         Amanda Wyszkowski, doula






I entered your class in a spirit of fear, thinking, what can I learn so I don’t screw this up? After your class, I felt prepared and entered the birth not focused on fears and worries, but instead fully allowed myself to experience the wholeness of the moment.  I would have missed out on so much joy were it not for your preparation. Before the birth, I just wasn’t the kind of guy who had a lot of opinions about it. Now, I feel I have so many wonderful things to say from a father’s point of view. Thank you for preparing us as a couple for this moment. We REALLY needed your class.

James, father


I am so grateful for you and your wise instruction, because I definitely drew on the techniques you taught us to get through this labor and delivery without medication! When I was around 7 cm, the contractions were so strong and the urge to push so intense that I felt very overwhelmed and fearful. However, I was able to orient myself within the labor process by drawing on the Inanna myth. I knew I was at the point of total surrender, where all my armor was stripped away and I had to just let go and let my body take over. These inner and outer resources gave me the courage to get through, and I was rewarded by a bright, alert baby who was ready to latch and nurse right away. What bliss!

Lauren, mother

photos by Diana Hirsch