FAQs for Mothers Unfolding . . .


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Mothers Unfolding . . . 

How much are the classes?

The Mothers Unfolding class fee is $300 and that email and phone access to me during the 5 week session. Imagine this: a doula and mother with 25 years of experience working with families right in your back pocket! Unlike a meet-up group or playdate, this weekly gathering is skillfully facilitated with a foundation of love and curiosity. Over the years, I have crafted a set of topics new mothers really appreciate exploring together. They are designed to elevate the daily tasks of new mothering, the blinding sleep deprivation and help us make sense of this new role, making fertile ground for deep bonding between participants.

How many participants are in each class?

Each cohort is usually 5-10 mother/baby pairs.

When does the next class start?

See the current class schedule here.

Do I bring my baby with me?

YES! YES! YES! Since this group is specifically designed for mothers and babies under 6 months, most babies are still in arms and nursing a lot. Because tiny babies are not coming into contact with each other or the other participants, they’re very safe from illness. And if they’re nursing they get bonus antibodies from you!

What if I’m using bottles to feed my baby?

One of our critical tasks as new mothers is to feed our babies. Some of us find difficulty with breastfeeding and must accept alternate ways of nourishing our babies. All mothers and all babies, regardless of breastfeeding success or feeding method are welcome in this group. Many mothers and babies are experiencing some kind of difficulty in feeding and there is safety in this gathering for further exploration and support.

When should I start the class?

This group is specifically for non-mobile babies (under 6 months). Sometimes mothers are ready to emerge from their postpartum nest at 2 weeks. And sometimes a mother doesn’t feel ready until a few months after her birth. A typical group is mamas and babies all around 4-6 weeks, with a younger and older baby or two. But all mothers and babies are under 6 months.

Is this a Postpartum Depression Support Group?

While several mothers of the bunch are usually navigating some tricky mood issues, the group is not specifically for Postpartum Depression. However, mothers having difficulty with depression or anxiety often find this group provides wonderful medicine for their heart and soul! New mothering is quite humbling, so most mothers find themselves crying and feeling fragile in the group. I have significant experience with helping mothers navigate and come out the other side of depression and anxiety. This gathering is relevant to the range of responses mothers have to this new life balance. My intention is to help you lovingly explore this new terrain and find relief and refuge in the company of others.

My baby is fussy and cries nearly all the time. Can I still come?

YES! Bring it! I have skills. I’ve been a baby whisperer my whole life (even as a young girl) and in my 25 years of professional experience with babies, I’ve cultivated a number of tricks. I rarely meet a baby I can’t soothe. And even if your baby cries during our gathering, it’s really not a problem. It’s what babies do! There will be crying. But I’m certain I can find something that helps.