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Birthin’ Again

Birthin’ Again

~ for experienced birthers, expecting #2, 3, or 4 ~

“Birthin’ Again” is a different prospect from the first time you prepared for birth.  There are special considerations this time around and I’ve created a very special curriculum for parents just like you!

This highly experiential class is quite lively and interactive  – not a rehash of things you can read in a book about birth.  I want to help you dig deeper and reconnect with what you already know deep inside and discover ways to harness that *now* for your next birth.  Perhaps the first time you encountered birth and parenting, it wasn’t exactly what you thought it would be.  And quite possibly there’s some grieving that goes along with that as you remember your ‘first time’.  We’ll work with that in a very heartful way.

Together, with your partner, you will:

~ Reflect and learn from your first (or recent) birth
~ Dust off old pain-coping techniques that worked and learn some new ones
~ Find new meaning in your previous birth story
~ Get tips on preparing big brother or sister for the birth *and* the new baby
~ Take time to enjoy this pregnancy!
~ Connect with this baby through journaling and art processes


It doesn’t matter if you didn’t take a Birthing From Within class to prepare for #1.

This class is still perfect for you!